Thank you for visiting, I’m glad you are here. Life, as always, is busy and beautiful. If you want to say hello or if you are looking for examples  of my work, you’ll find appropriate links below.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family; we adopted our second daughter about a year ago. It’s been amazing and hard and tiring and wonderful. A huge shift for all (four) of us.

Scoring, sound design, and record work continues, and I’m really excited about the release of the first Cloud Cover EP, Vapor. Cloud Cover is my ambient project; this first EP is based around upright piano and most of the tracks have a subtle analog backdrop as well. Click to find it on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Sometimes people ask me "what exactly do you do?" I'm a musician. I compose and create for film, tv, and motion graphics and I play on records. I also build ambient libraries and soundsets. I'm passionate about sound and atmosphere and mood; the emotion of a piece trumps everything else.

I love my work; my career is a mash-up of different disciplines and characters. Some days I’m scoring for picture. Some days I’m programming. Some days I’m working on a motorcycle. Most days I’m playing piano. I'm not wired to do one thing for too long, and my work reflects that. Jack-of-all-trades? Maybe, but I’m fortunate enough to be part of great projects, and for that I am thankful.

I do venture out for meetings and sessions but most of my work-time is spent in my home workspace. My studio is a blend of old and new, analog and digital, and an awesome white upright piano. Yes, it does sound better than it did pre-paint. At least to me.

I live with my beautiful wife and two awesome daughters. Random facts: I'm the oldest of four siblings. My favorite drink is hot chocolate, but it has to be good. No syrup. No powder. With a dash of cayenne. I enjoy reading, the outdoors, two-wheeled machines and long walks on the beach.

Matt Stanfield began his career with remixes for the Grammy-winning group Jars of Clay. That work led to him being part of the band Plumb and also meeting long-time collaborator and musical superman Matt Bronleewe.

Matt has become known for a very specific approach to the piano; this has led to studio work with artists such as Sam Hunt, Casey Musgraves, Kelly Clarkson, Stu G, Norah Jones and Jill Phillips. He also dabbles in production, one recent project being the "Arrows" EP from Fleurie. Most of his time is spent writing and working on Score or Sound Design projects, with clients ranging from Coke to Google to Atlantic Magazine to the International Justice Mission.

In 2015, Matt’s score for the short "My Luchador" won a best score award. The following year was a busy one: Matt was invited to score the one-year anniversary piece from 9 Squares, an international motion design collaboration. Google commissioned him to write four pieces for a rebrand launch. 2017 has seen more score work and the release of Matt’s ambient project Cloud Cover. The first EP, "Vapor" is out now.

Use social networks or matt at mattstanfield dot com to get in touch. Thanks!