Simply put, I'm a musician. I compose and create for film, tv, and motion graphics and I play on records. I also build ambient libraries and soundsets. I'm passionate about sound and atmosphere and mood; the emotion of a piece trumps everything else.

I love my work; my career is a mash-up of different disciplines and characters. Some know me as a programmer. Some know me as a piano player. Others know me as a composer or sound designer. And I welcome all of these labels. I'm not wired to do one thing for too long, and my work reflects that. Jack-of-all-trades? Maybe, but I've been fortunate enough to work on Grammy-winning records, compose for all of the major networks, and work with megastar artists. That doesn't make me better, it just makes me extremely blessed.

I split my time between studios and my home workspace, at least when I'm working on music-related projects. My workspace is a blend of old and new, analog and digital, at least one cat, and an awesome white upright piano. And yes it sounds better than it did when it wasn't painted. At least to me.

I live with my beautiful wife my awesome daughter, two cats, and random bugs and critters that my daughter adopts. And speaking of adoption, we are in the process. Our second daughter is in Ethiopia, and we will meet her soon!

Random facts: I'm the oldest of four awesome siblings. My favorite drink is hot chocolate, but it has to be good. No syrup. No powder. Unless it's a dash of cayenne. I'm a certified firearms instructor and part-owner of Switch. I enjoy reading, hunting, the outdoors, two-wheeled machines and long walks on the beach.

You can contact me through any of the networks below or use this handy form.