Music and Sounds for records, film, and picture.

Music for license and listening. If you need something quickly, or the budget doesn't allow for a custom track, most of these are available. If you need some vibe for working, relaxing, or even driving, try the "Drones" playlist below.

Cloud Cover. This one is close to my heart. Cloud Cover is music for healing and peace. Upright piano is the centerpiece, with backdrops of analog synths and ambience. Ambient tracks, leaning toward a modern classical style. You can find the entire catalog on Spotify and Apple Music.

Drones. Perfect for a rainy day at the office, these drones are a glorious combination of analog and digital synths with copious layers of ambience. A favourite for years.

Upbeat/Electronic. All the right buzzwords... tracks that build, tracks that are upbeat and energetic, tracks that are hopeful. Tracks that are uplifting or melancholy.