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Captain Ray Holt

Ray Holt is the no-nonsense leader of the Precinct who demands professionalism and order from his subordinates. His taste in breakfast reflects his practical approach to life in general: plain toast. However, every once in a while you'll see him crack what appears to be a smile - before it dissapears - leaving you wondering if you really saw it or it was just your imagination. Ray enjoys a good round of paperwork and going to extreme/hilarious lengths to find inefficiencies around the office.

Detective Amy Santiago

Amy is an extremely driven detective with high ambitions and a work-hard attitude. Growing up with many brothers, she also has an extremely competitive side - as seen in her bet with Jake, her partner, about who can close more cases. She wants to become a Police Captain someday and hopes to find a mentor in Captain Holt. Admittedly, she may spend too much energy trying to impress Holt - who isn't easily impressed - which can often lead to hilarious outcomes.

Detective Jake Peralta

Jake is the best detective on the force - he just hasn't figured out how to grow up yet. With more arrests than any of his colleagues, Jake is seen as the "cool" guy at the precinct and often calls the shots around the office. He is also a prankster and involved in hilarious hijinx on a daily basis.

Sergeant Terry Jeffords

Terry is a tender giant with huge muscles and a big heart to match. He loves his family and his baby girls so much that he changed to a desk job to stay out of harms way for their sake. He's sees himself as the mother hen of the precinct, hoping to see his little chicks fly - despite the fact that chickens have no ability to fly... When Terry isn't in party mode with his slippers and fanny pack, you'll often find him enjoying a tasty cup of yogurt.