IJM: Aftercare.

International Justice Mission is doing incredible work in the Philippines and around the world. I was able to help with score and sound design.


Response to the Emanuel AME Church shooting. Dave asked me to contribute a score. His thoughts on the piece and the transcript are worth reading, find them here.

9Squares One-Year Compilation: Score and Sound Design.

9Squares is a collaboration started by Al Boardman, Skip Hursh, and David Stanfield. This is the one-year showreel featuring 28 rounds and 186 contributors. Awesome.

Google Managers and Makers: Score and Sound Design

Directed and Animated by David Stanfield

Teamed up with Dave to do this fun piece for Google. The sound design was especially fun on this one.

My Luchadore: Score

Written and directed by Shea Sizemore.

Minimal dialogue but this quirky little film speaks volumes. Really enjoyed working with Shea on this one; he came up with the main theme idea!

Wooql: Score

Animated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson for the Foreign Correspondents' Club.

No voiceover so the music had to speak more but still maintain a minimal, melancholy feel. Bran's animation made it easy.

Shell+Atlantic: Score and Sound Design

Directed and Animated by Dave Stanfield

One of my favorite collaborations with Dave; I love the semi-sci-fi look of the future world piece. And the clouds. And the fish. And the bikes.

David Stanfield 2015: Score

When Dave asked me to create a piece for his reel, it was a no brainer. He wanted something with an organic feel so I started with upright piano, which is always a great choice.

Real Magic: Score

Directed by Matt Underwood.

Matt's edit was really easy to work with. Harris wanted to use pipe organ for a dark/epic type feel and it all works together well.

Help Portrait: Score.

Directed by Levi Bethune.

Sure this is an old piece but it's still a favorite. If you've never been a part of a Help Portrait event, you may be missing out.

Sumer Trailer: Score and Sound Design

Entry for Knoxville Film Festival. Semi-final but didn't win:(

Renewal: score

Directed by Tyler Torti

Not what you expect; you may need a Kleenex.

ClearPath: Score and Sound Design

Directed and Animated by David Stanfield

Another collaboration with my brother. We had to do a few rounds of client tweaks on this one but it turned out well.

Tracks: Selected tracks from my SoundCloud

Drones: selected drones from a commissioned Drones Project.