Back in November I made the switch. No, not operating platforms or software, but the switch to a standing studio. Keyboards and control surfaces are now at standing height- at least the majority of them- my rhodes and upright haven’t moved. It took a while to get used to the change; my legs were a bit sore for the first week but in the name of good health I pressed on. I resolved to try it for as long as I could, and to go 6 months before making any permanent changes. My Axiom, computer keyboard, mouse and screen are propped up on a box; it’s covered with a black sheet but it’s still decidedly lo-fi. I’m now crossing the five-month barrier and I’m completely sold on the idea. I love the freedom of motion and the fact that my back no longer hurts.
So now I’m looking for a standing height desk, and the options, as you may guess, are a bit limited when compared to standard desks. I may end up ordering a desktop surface from Ikea and building the frame myself, we’ll see. More to come!

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