I’ve started working on a project called Tactus Cartel, and I’m trés excited about it as it’s very much my own creative vision, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a solo record, but I am the driving force behind the production and writing. There will be other honorary members of the Cartel of course; I trust my instincts but collaboration sometimes yields a higher quality result. The first of the honorary members is Dave over at Bristow Design- he’s helping with visuals and probably writing as well. The second honorary member is Paul, although he doesn’t know it yet. My main goal with Tactus Cartel is expression- it’s a moody electronic/ambient/pop sound that lends itself and is primarily aimed to film and television. What you’ll hear is basically what happens when I sit down and make music without the usual input from label/a&r/management/radio/marketing/wardrobe/catering… Not that input and collaboration with the label side is bad- it’s a necessary element in creating something that everyone can be excited about.
While I’ve had this project in mind for sometime, I’m just finding the time and creative vision to pursue it. Creating something that is rooted deeply within yourself and then putting it out for public consumption is highly exciting and at the same time quite unsettling, but the initial response has been wonderful. Perhaps it’s because I finally have something to offer in the songs I am writing, or maybe people are drawn to purity as far as artistic expression. Well, perhaps that last thought is a bit utopian but here’s to hope.

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