If you aren’t using one or seven plug-ins from the folks at Stillwell Audio, you’re missing out. I have to admit, my fascination with cyrillic makes these plug-ins virtually irresistible, but even those with no cold-war interests will find them wonderfully different. The 1973 and the Olga are two of my favourites right now. I won’t say the ’73 sounds like a real one, but it sounds really, really good. I love the high end boost- tons of gain and never harsh. It’s quickly becoming my first choice when I need a non-obtrusive eq. The Olga, on the other hand, does obtrusive very well. It’s a relatively simple 2-oscillator synth but the accessible parameters are the ones you want. The best thing about it is that it probably sounds nothing like you have in your current synth line-up.

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