A few times a year, my back refuses to act normally- I’ve got a disc that’s supposedly de-generating. I guess we all have discs that are de-generating but one of mine is moving at a rate that exceeds the norm. The best thing for me is exercise (walking specifically), hydration, and stretching. The worst thing is sitting down, and musicians tend to sit around. A lot.

A few weeks ago, all of a sudden, my back decided to start hurting. Really hurting. With deadlines to meet and music to make, I recalled an article about productivity as related to work posture. I took an hour and re-arranged my workspace so I could do everything standing up. Maybe it’s the fact that blood and oxygen flow more efficiently when standing. Perhaps it’s that I can bust my insane dance moves while I edit a vocal, or just the novelty factor of a new set-up, but I feel much more productive. Now my feet hurt. 🙂

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