Alright. Creativity will win out every time over stacks of gear. I’m not a latest-greatest kind of guy and I work with a minimal setup. However, I have to write something about a piece of gear (or rather software) that has transformed how I work and create. I started using Ableton about a year or maybe 16 months ago, and it has really transformed the way I work. I know that sounds like a quote from a catalogue but it’s the truth. I can listen to the first thing I created with Ableton and it’s as if a switch was thrown in my brain. A good switch. Maybe it’s my appreciation of German engineering; perhaps it was a fresh perspective or maybe the software is the best match I’ve found for how my mind works. Whatever the reason, I love it and it’s my main creative (not recording/mixing) software. So go ahead, call me a sell-out, but I’m happy to give recognition to a great thing. Speaking of German engineering, Waldorf, after closing it’s doors and then re-opening, has released another winner in the form of the Blofeld. Nicely done, although my personal favorite is still the Microwave XT.

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  1. Mark here,

    I wholeheartedly ditto with the Ableton switch. I’m a user for the last 4 years or so. I don’t know that I could ever use another DAW. I’m real excited about putting together my WNG, thanks for your tutorial.

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