Phil Stacey’s new record hits shelves and sites today- give it a listen. Phil’s got a wonderful voice and the record was produced by super-producer Brown Bannister; I did most of the programming and keys. It’s a pop record- I did lots of drum and synth layers and some string work. Drum sounds are from my own samples, Operator, and perhaps something I recorded on the spot to use inside of Impulse. Synths and pads are from Thor, Absynth, Pro53, Ultra Analog, and the MO8. I was working on it right before Live 8 was released, so all but one track was done in version 7. There was a last-minute addition that gave me a chance to use 8; I think it was the first real work I did using 8. I used the Collision instrument and some of the new effects in a song called “Hard To Get”. It turned out wonderfully and Collision has become a go-to source for anything from soft mallets to crazy craziness.

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