North Carolina is one of my favorite states. In addition to being where I come from, it’s a wonderful place to go. It doesn’t take much for us to pack up and head down Interstate 40 for a visit with family. Along the way, we’re typically sidetracked- gladly, of course- in Asheville. Whether it’s a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market, the Chocolate Lounge, or a longer stay, Asheville is our favourite home away from home. One other great thing about Asheville: Moog Music’s headquarters and factory. Moog continues to lead the way in electronic music, refusing to re-package old concepts but always changing to stay relevant. One thing hasn’t changed, though: the product. Hand-crafted, innovative, top-shelf electronic instruments.

Enough of Moog and mountains; the coastline is equally wonderful. My idea of a great beach is an uncrowded, still wild place where you won’t find a Target or a Sonic. The Outer Banks is one such area. Coastline still exist that is only accessible by 4-wheel drive, beaches where you’re more likely to encounter a band of wild horses than another human.

That’s why North Carolina is great. Mountains, music, coastline… what more do you need?

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