Disclaimers, Loose Ends and other Ancillaries…

As I mentioned above, I am passive- sometimes to a fault. I’m happy to give up the front seat, especially if someone really wants it. That’s all well and good, but if we continually give up the front seat, we miss out. We are supposed to live generously, to be givers, but being a giver does not mean passing on opportunities that are meant for us. To refuse such an opportunity is to rob someone of something that only you can give. Don’t let fear drive you to selfishness.

Although the two can be confused, confidence is not arrogance, and most can tell the difference. Confidence is knowing you have the ability to guide, direct or help. It leads to honest work. Arrogance fools us into thinking we are awesome. It leads to laziness. As you move from weakness to confidence, be careful of giving in to the dark side. It’s easy to do, trust me. Remember: you were made for specific purposes, as were those around you. Keep to this truth; recognizing value in others will keep you from thinking only of yourself.

Discovery and confidence are so intertwined that it is impossible to write about one without the other. Also impossible to ignore is the fact that dreams and goals play a huge part in the discovery process. Dream big. Don’t go through life regretting what you didn’t do.


Keep moving forward: Discovery is not liberty to stop adding to knowledge or skill. Times of pause and rest are necessary, but if you aren’t moving forward, where are you heading?

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