How is everyone? How was January? How are those resolutions coming along? Mine are coming along splendidly. How is that, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: I didn’t make any. Except one. No blogging in January. Turns out it was easy enough; January was mainly a planning/dreaming/goal-setting month, and it was a great month at that. I worked a bit but mainly spent time with my family, with other dreamers, and alone. I re-arranged and re-configured my studio for what I believe is going to be an awesome season. I’ll post pics soon; there are a few elements that are not quite in place yet.
Goals or dreams without results are as weighty as a how-to book written by someone who hasn’t, so I won’t bore you with all of my crazy plans. But I can excitedly say this year will see a shift in what I’m doing- a shift towards my own artistic work. Not a total shift, but a shift that is tangible and real nonetheless. I don’t know the outcome, I don’t know where I’ll be in a year. I do feel in over my head, which tells me that I am right where I should be. A few projects are those I must go alone, a few are those I can’t possibly finish by myself. I am equally excited about both. Teams have been assembled, targets identified. First actions have been taken.
I don’t have news to share yet; some info I can’t share, but as I am able, I will. I can say that I have started something I’ve been threatening to start for some time: an ambient project of my own. This I will gladly share when ready!
2009 was a great year; probably the most fulfilling in a long time. It was a year of amazing female artists (Meghan Kabir, Christine Denté, Norah Jones, Sarah Sadler), guys with skills (Ellis Paul, Perrin Lamb, Phil LaRue, Phil Stacey) and wonderful organizations (Revolve, Help Portrait, and Halogen TV). These are a few of my faves but if I worked on your record and didn’t mention you, don’t be a hater.
So, yes, to say I am looking forward to 2010 is an understatement. It’s already off to a great start. I believe that trend will continue.

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  1. Howdy – Saw your name on a disk I bought last night at a live performance by Alathea in Cape May, New Jersey.
    I’m enjoying the music right now – congratulations on the disk.

    Mike Murphy
    Six Degrees – WCFA-LP 101.5 Cape May, NJ

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